Missouri’s medical marijuana market has generated more than a half billion dollars in retail revenue in its first two years of sales. Now, adult use marijuana is legal for adults over the age of 21, and while retail sales of recreational marijuana won’t begin until early next year, the industry is preparing for substantial growth.

With Growing the Industry, Greenway aims to highlight and introduce the individuals behind the plants that Missouri’s marijuana market is built on.

There are companies in Missouri’s cannabis industry that consistently set themselves apart from the rest, either with ingenuity or quality and in some cases both. With the cannabis industry constantly growing and changing, companies must stay on the cutting edge with genetics and consumer demand.

The emergence of hash rosin as a popular solventless extract product has been sweeping the industry for years and that trend did not stop in Missouri. Not all strains, however, wash at a reasonable rate, making genetic selection all the more imperative. 

At the tip of the spear of quality flower and rosin products, there is AMAZE Cannabis out of Moberly. Roger Henrichs, the Director of Cultivation and Breeding, prides himself on his ability not only to select the right genetics but constantly innovate with genetic selection, bringing strains to the Missouri market that are unique. Strains such as Florida Purple that produce terrific flower and some of the most sought-after rosin on dispensary shelves today, carving out a spot for AMAZE amongst the juggernaut elites of Missouri’s cannabis industry. 

Director Henrichs was born in Peoria, Illinois. After traveling a bit, he found himself in Mexico where he lived for the majority of his 20s. While in Mexico, Henrichs met the woman who would become his wife. In Mexico, they married and the couple had two children before moving back to the United States. Recently, the couple welcomed their third daughter here in Missouri.

Henrichs says his hobbies include; spending time with his family, one-wheeling and hiking, surfing and skiing, hash-making, and reading, or listening to audiobooks or podcasts when he has downtime. 

Henrichs brings no shortage of experience to AMAZE, starting work in outdoor organic growing in the early 2000s in British Columbia. After a hiatus from commercial production, Henrichs re-emerged in 2015 to start work as one of the first employees at Revolution Cannabis in Illinois. There Henrichs ran the cultivation and breeding programs in both facilities, finding many successes in creating and bringing relevant genetics to the Illinois market. 

In 2021, Henrichs linked up with Jay Patel, CEO of AMAZE Cannabis. Patel’s ability to think, research, and execute drew Henrichs in. Patel bringing Henrichs on to serve as the Director of Cultivation and Breeding at what is now AMAZE Cannabis has been a huge win for the company as the launch of their cultivation and manufacturing operations have garned rave reviews and quickly made AMAZE one of the state’s top cannabis producers.

A look inside the cultivation facility at AMAZE Cannabis

What came first for you, a passion for plants or cannabis? 

I always enjoyed being around plants, but have been passionate about cannabis since the age of 15. 

What does medical marijuana mean to you?

Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana share a lot of ground. Patients receive recreational benefits and rec consumers receive medical benefits. Cannabis is an Amazing plant with a huge variety of benefits and very minor side effects which can replace a lot of harmful, man-made alternatives.  I’m super proud to be a part of the medical program and am excited for more people to have access to great, clean, consistent cannabis. 

How big is theAMAZE grow?

The grow is over 50k square feet.

Tell me about your genetics and what went into your selection process.

We’re heavily focused on the development of genetics and creating in-house crosses. We’re constantly hunting and exploring new strains,  always searching for unique properties that check certain boxes while avoiding redundancy or heavily trodden paths. 

What makes good flower?

Good genetics, properly consumed bioavailable nutrients, and positive reactions with the plants’ metabolism in mind. Dried, cured, and stored carefully.

What makes  AMAZE-grown cannabis unique?

It’s a family business of involved, effective people who share the same goals of growing the best flower possible and stand strongly behind the pursuit of genetic exploration and excellence, We’re willing to trial all variables in a controlled manner to ensure our processes and tech are optimized for our desired result and have a very thoughtful approach to most decision-making. 

What lessons have you learned from day 1 to now?

To learn from mistakes and not overcorrect in problem-solving.

What are some pet peeves you have related to cannabis; growing, knowledge, or otherwise?

Sorting out industry knowledge from personal experience and discerning new trends in cultivation.  

What’s your favorite cannabis cultivar and why?

A new one in development, considering naming her The Jam (FP x (GG4 x FD)) I really like her smell, flavor and aesthetic. She’s absolutely beautiful and fun to grow.   

What are the most important things when growing cannabis?

Comprehending the plants’ systems and metabolism.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Keep it simple.

Parting wisdom?

There are no shortcuts or magic sauce for successful cultivation,  only hard work, good intentions, and choices.  


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