With Missouri’s recent legalization of adult use marijuana in November, people like Josh Heinrichs, a reggae singer and songwriter from Missouri, have a lot to be thankful for.

With the passage of legalization, Heinrichs, someone whose life was impacted by marijuana prohibition in Missouri, sees hope. One of the biggest components of Amendment 3, was its inclusion of automatic expungement for non-violent marijuana crimes. 

“Too many good people have lost their lives, families, jobs, and so much more over simple possession charges, so to see those now being erased is thrilling. I’m elated that Amendment 3 passed; it’s an excellent start to making the wrongs right.”

Heinrichs is also the founder of his record label, GanJah Records. Reggae is perhaps the most frequently associated form of music with marijuana. From Bob Marley to Lee Perry to Black Uhuru, cannabis is soaked deeply into the culture of reggae. For Heinrichs, cannabis has always inspired his songwriting and musical love. It has helped him marry his love for reggae and passion for marijuana into one.

“I, as well as everyone in the world, have gone through a significant crisis in my life, and marijuana has helped me get through, even at times when music couldn’t bring me the relief I needed. I add a little marijuana, and the music comes right out. I wrote my entire 2021 self-titled album using 1000mg of Dad’s Elixir per writing session; I wrote the whole album while very inspired by that marijuana elixir. I honestly think it’s my best work ever, and it was the highest I’ve ever been for writing music.”

The album debuted at number one on the Reggae Charts on both iTunes and Amazon. Heinrich’s audience seemed to be pleased with the inspiration that marijuana gave him as well.

Heinrich’s relationship with marijuana began when he was around 17 or 18 alongside discovering reggae music. “It was a fantastic way to learn about myself and what I wanted to do with my life. If I had not found marijuana at that crucial time, my life could’ve gone completely different; I am so thankful that I just happened to be at the right place at the right time, and my life turned out the way it turned out. I love it. All thanks to marijuana.”

Everyone has their own favorite and most beneficial way to consume marijuana. His favorite way to consume marijuana is dabbing concentrates, especially rosin. “I used to be more of a glass rig and torch guy, but now I am a massive fan of the new portable smart electronic rigs; my wife and I have several different Puffco’s, Carta’s, etc.”

Josh Heinrichs | James LeDeau

He and his wife pride themselves on being collectors of different devices and styles, focusing on the on-the-go and electronic portable dabbing rigs with the flavors of rosin at the perfect temperature that you can set on an app on your phone. “We love a beautiful, nice fresh rosin dab at the ideal temperature. I have a Terp Cooler mini fridge with several USB plugs for my smart rigs that my good friend Pez-Bro sent me, right next to my bedside. So I am always ready to go with the fresh dab. That’s how serious we are about it.”

With Heinrichs’ past with marijuana and how beneficial it has been to him and his career, marijuana legalization is monumental. 

“As someone with a marijuana conviction in the past for simple possession, I have known firsthand that prohibition and incarceration do not work and that getting people in trouble over a plant is ridiculous. I’m so glad that the world is finally starting to wake up to this and that my children can’t even imagine living in a world where marijuana is illegal. I am pleased about the way things are starting to go. People just want to be free to be who they want to be, non-violently.”

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