KANHA Nano gummies have expanded to Thailand, marking the first U.S. cannabis edibles to be available in Asia.

The gummies are produced by Sunderstorm, a California-based cannabis product manufacturer, in partnership with Geocann, a global cannabis research organization. KANHA edibles, which utilize Geocann’s VESIorb delivery system technology, launched in the U.S. in 2019 and are currently available in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Nevada.

Sunderstorm will work with THCG Group, a Thailand-based, vertically integrated medical cannabis licensee who will cultivate, produce and distribute KANHA edibles throughout the country, according to a release.

“Our partnership with Geocann is the platform for providing consumers around the world with safe and effective products that are validated in both peer-reviewed and well-designed pilot studies,” said Sunderstorm CEO Cameron Clarke. “The global demand for fast-acting and high-bioavailable cannabis products has increased dramatically, and leveraging Geocann’s VESIorb technology allows us to become a dominant global cannabis brand where we can improve the lives of millions of consumers in the U.S. and key international markets.”

The companies’ edibles expansion to Asia comes in the wake of Thailand legalizing cannabis in June.

“Sunderstorm has pioneered the fast-acting edibles market in the U.S. and has championed VESIorb technology-based cannabis formulations to deliver superior Kanha products that have gained a loyal customer following,” said Geocann Founder and CEO Jesse Lopez. “We are committed to their continued success and prepared to support their international expansion as we remain focused on novel cannabis research and innovative product development that provides valuable brand differentiation for our partners around the world.”