Easy Mountain has just announced a collaboration with Buoyant Bob to create a special product designed to lift spirits this holiday season, and we’re not just talking about good medicine. Easy Mountain partnered with Foster, Adopt, Connect to help ensure that the families and children in our communities have access to life-changing resources. To launch that partnership, EM and Vivid partnered to create a limited one-run product to raise funds for the “Give Joy” campaign, delivering hundreds of gift cards to children in need.

Now, you may be asking, what does cannabis have to do with this? Let’s ask the guys backing this cause-

From the start of Easy Mountain and even before, it has always been about more than cannabis, because of course, it’s all about people; our staff, the community, and our incredible patients said owner Alex Paulson. His business partner, Drew Beine followed up with “One thing we have found is that the people who rely on cannabis to find relief and healing are often the most inclined to help heal the world themselves. That’s the magic of cannabis culture, its all about healing. That’s what Easy Mountain is here for, not just cannabis, but for our communities and everyone in them.

So now the question is, how can I help?

Well, that’s the Easy part! In careful conjunction with the incredibly capable concentrate conjurers at buoyant bob, Easy Mountain presents Tangerine Kush! This will be available as a 1g cured resin concentrate or .5g vape cartridge for an extremely limited run. With each purchase of Tangerine Kush, we will be contributing a $20 gift card to a child in need.

The strains combined to create the awesomeness of Tangerine Kush are Burmese Mimosa and Missouri’s upcoming strain of the year Florida Kush. The stimulating and pain-relieving Burmese Mimosa is a coveted and potent Sativa stain; a cross of Rose Mimosa and Orange Burmese, Burmese Mimosa is described as having a sweet and sour pungency that offers uplifting and energizing sensations. Florida Kush is a perfect 50/50 hybrid descending from Chemdawg strains. This is the result of blending Hindu Kush and Lemon Thai, making Florida Kush deliver a calming euphoric effect that still enables creative energy to be well utilized. Combining the incredibly sweet and fragrant flavors and characteristics of these two incredible strains has resulted in one of the most stimulating and aromatic cannabis experiences available in the market.

This will be a limited one-off run and will be available at Easy Mountain until supplies last. Reserve your order at Easymtn.com, or message them on Facebook to find out if you can try this incredible concentrate, and at the same time, “Give Joy” to a child in the Ozarks that’s very much in need of kindness.


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