The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) has issued a mandatory recall for cannabis extracts that potentially contain pesticides.

The products were manufactured by OLCC-licensed businesses operating under the names Bobsled and Quantum Alchemy, and the contamination stems from the companies’ failure to follow OLCC and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) regulations for tracking and isolating cannabis products that tested positive for the presence of pesticides, according to an OLCC news release.

The recall impacts 13,600 products that were sold to consumers, as well as 9,300 products that were still on dispensary shelves. The recalled products are concentrates ranging from jars of THC extract and vape cartridges to Rick Simpson Oil, according to the release.

Regulators issued the recall to ensure that dispensaries do not sell—and consumers do not consume—the affected products, as OLCC investigators have been unable to determine whether the potential contamination is isolated or widespread through the product lines.

The OLCC has notified cannabis retailers about the recall and provided instructions on how the affected products must be destroyed or returned to a licensed supplier for proper disposal. Regulators plan to follow up with the licensees in possession of the recalled products to ensure they are removed from the market, isolated from other inventory and ultimately destroyed in accordance with OLCC rules.

Officials have instructed consumers who have the affected products to return them to the dispensary where they were purchased or destroy them. Consumers with other product-related complaints associated with the recall can reach out to the OLCC at

The OLCC launched the investigation into the recalled products Nov. 29, and Bobsled and Quantum Alchemy are cooperating with regulators, according to the OLCC’s release.

The affected products include:

Bobsled products

Product Name: Bobsled – Dolato Cured Resin Vape Cartridge | Manufacture Date: 9/12/2022 (Label Id 5368) | Sold starting 10/4/22Product Name: Bobsled – Larry OG Cured Resin | Manufacture Date: 8/29/2022 (Label Id 5326) | Sold starting 9/15/2022Product Name: Bobsled – Larry OG – Dabs Sugar Sauce | Manufacture Date: 8/29/2022 (Label Id 5326) | Sold starting 9/26/2022Product Name: Bobsled – Stardawg Cured Resin | Manufacture Date: 9/12/2022 (Label Id 5326) | Sold starting 10/10/2022Product Name: Bobsled – Frostbite Cured Resin| Manufacture Date: 6/13/2022 (Label Id 5326) | Sold starting 9/21/2022Product Name: Bobsled – Sunburn Cured Resin| Manufacture Date: 6/13/2022 (Label Id 5326) | Sold starting 9/22/2022Product Name: Bobsled – Sunburn Sugar Sauce Extract| Manufacture Date: 6/13/2022 (Label Id 5326) | Sold starting 11/23/2022

Quantum Alchemy products

Product Name: RSO Raspberry GMO | Manufacture Date: 11/29/21 (Label Id 5764) | Sold starting 11/28/22Product Name: HTE Distillate R#ntz | Manufacture Date 11/30/21 (Generic Label) | Sold between 12/10/21 and 1/6/22Product Name: HTE Distillate McR#ntz | Manufacture Date 2/21/22 (Generic Label) | Sold starting 9/23/22Product Name: Cart 1g HTE Distillate Milo | Manufacture Date 2/21/22 (Generic Label) | Sold starting 9/23/22