Missouri sets new record for marijuana sales in November

With record sales of $35.56 million in November, Missouri now tops $349.98 million in sales for the calendar year.

Original projections for 2022 anticipated $360 million in legal marijuana sales in the state.

If Missouri dispensaries sell a combined $31.81 million, the monthly sales average for the year-to-date, in December, the state would exceed $380 million for the year.

While patient application numbers slipped dramatically during November, the enthusiasm for legal cannabis in the state did not. 53% of Missouri voters approved an initiative petition amending the state’s constitution to adult use of marijuana for those over age 21.

Sales have grown month-over-month for the fifth consecutive month.

Cumulative marjuana sales for the program rose to over half a billion dollars in October.

In total, Missourians have purchased more than $565.06 million worth of medical marijuana since October 17, 2020.

Currently, Missouri has more than 205,000 registered active medical marijuana patients, more than 26,000 home cultivators, and more than 10,000 authorized employees in the medical marijuana industry.

With the addition of adult use sales beginning in early 2023, it is anticipated that Missouri will bring in more than $500 million at dispensaries in 2023, with more enthusiastic estimates projecting more than $600 million in sales – eclipsing the cumulative total of all medical marijuana sales through the first two years of the program.

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