Political action committee Kind Idaho is working to gather signatures to place The Idaho Medical Marijuana Act before voters in 2024.

Kind Idaho, the group behind the medical cannabis legalization measure, must collect at least 74,000 signatures by April 2024 for the initiative to qualify for the 2024 ballot.

The 2024 initiative would allow patients to possess up to 4 ounces of cannabis, place a 4% excise tax on gross receipts for products sold by dispensaries, and require dispensaries to be 1,000 feet from private or public schools, Cannabis Business Times reported.

Joe Evans, Kind Idaho treasurer, told KTVB7 the group is working to ensure it makes cannabis available in Idaho while educating patients on responsible use.

“When it comes to patient advocacy, seeing medical marijuana, which is a successful, nonlethal pain management program that is nearly impossible to overdose on, is one of those options that many are looking for simply because they don’t want to have to carry around the significant number of prescriptions, pain management, oxycodone, you know, opiates,” Evans told the news outlet.

Idaho is one of 12 states that have yet to legalize cannabis for medical use despite previous efforts to put a medical cannabis initiative before voters.

In 2021, Kind Idaho was working to place a similar initiative, the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act for 2022 (IMMA), on the state’s 2022 ballot but failed to gather enough signatures; 64,945 signatures were required.

The group is working to build a solid social media presence and plans to host several events across Treasure Valley, a valley in southwestern Idaho that “includes all the lowland areas from Vale in rural eastern Oregon to Boise, and is the most populated area in Idaho,” to collect signatures, the news outlet reported.

Moreover, the advocacy group wants to give individuals who sign the petition the opportunity to ask detailed questions about the measure, KTVB7 reported.

“We want the opportunity for Idaho residents to succeed on their own terms. And for many of those people on their own terms, the best solution is medical marijuana,” Evans said.


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