AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 22, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE – Libra Design, LLC announced its collaboration with VoltServer to optimize horticulture lighting solutions for Digital Electricity, starting with the Libra Mid-Flux (MF) and High-Flux (HF) LED Modules for controlled environment agriculture (CEA). By combining lighting solutions from Libra with a fault-managed power distribution platform from VoltServer, vertical farm and greenhouse companies can build, operate, and manage their gardens efficiently, safely, intelligently, and ultimately with a lower lighting cost compared to conventional AC-powered lighting fixtures. 

“At its core, our collaboration with VoltServer reflects Libra Design’s mission to advance CEA by removing the cost barrier to building and operating a profitable, efficient and highly productive indoor and greenhouse farm,” said Travis Williams, co-founder and CEO of Libra Design. “Libra LED solutions powered by Digital Electricity create an optimal growing environment with the safety, reliability, control and ease of installation necessary to succeed in today’s commercial agriculture industry.” 

According to VoltServer, Digital Electricity reduces the cost of distributing power and control to horticulture lighting systems by 20% to 40%, while improving safety, energy management, and control density. Digital Electricity is listed to UL/IEC 62368-1 as a Limited Power Source developed with safety at the forefront based on a patented Packet Energy Transfer protocol. The protocol distributes power via discrete energy packets with 500 safety checks per second. By preventing the safety hazards associated with conventional AC/DC electricity, such as electric shock and fire, Digital Electricity can be installed with un-certified labor using the same wiring practices as Ethernet including flexible cable and wire trays while omitting conduit, circuit breakers and other costly and time-consuming infrastructure. 

“Digital technology continues to proliferate every aspect of society, yet we still rely on antiquated power distribution platforms which waste time, energy and money. These are precious resources we cannot afford to waste, especially when it comes to agriculture,” said James Eaves, Ph.D., director of indoor agriculture at VoltServer. “With a Libra Design lighting solution powered by Digital Electricity, growers can save millions of dollars in capital expenses and months of construction time while simultaneously making their facility safer, smarter and uniquely suited for their needs.”

Libra worked closely with VoltServer to develop horticulture lighting systems specifically optimized for Digital Electricity. The result is a driverless LED system capable of delivering optimal light intensity and uniformity while being powered remotely by the VoltServer ETX8 transmitter. Lighting control is also delivered via the platform, providing growers and operators the insight and control needed to manage and monitor their lighting systems and power usage without the requirement of additional control cables or systems. With a remote power system, growers also reduce the heat load inside the growing environment and save precious space resulting in increased canopy density and airflow in vertical farms and reduced shading in greenhouses. Libra horticulture lighting solutions powered by Digital Electricity start at $0.16/PPF with a 1,000-unit minimum order quantity (MOQ). All Libra systems have a photosynthetic photon efficacy (PPE) of 2.7 µmol/J or greater and are customized based on the unique cultivation, operations, and business goals of each client.