The Maine Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) released guidance last month that limits the sale of medical cannabis prerolls and liquid concentrates.

Regulators have clarified that medical caregivers without a storefront cannot sell prerolls or liquid concentrates, according to the Associated Press, while dispensaries must treat them like tobacco products that can only be sold to adults 21 and older.

Previously, prerolls and liquid concentrates could be sold to registered medical cannabis patients 18 and older, the news outlet reported.

Former OCP Director Erik Gundersen issued the guidance Oct. 7, on his last day in the role before leaving to launch a cannabis consulting firm.

The medical cannabis industry has largely come out against the guidance, arguing that prerolls and liquid concentrates for vaping are some of the most popular cannabis products sold through Maine’s medical and adult-use cannabis markets, according to AP.

However, a spokesperson for the Department of Administrative and Financial Services told the news outlet that the guidance does not represent a rule change or an update to Maine’s regulations; rather, it was issued to clarify the policy in the wake of questions raised by some medical cannabis providers and patients.

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