Missouri sets new record for monthly sales with retail revenue growing 3% over prior month.

With record monthly sales of $35.36 million in medical marijuana sales in October, the monthly sales average for 2022 climbs to $31.44 million.

Sales have grown month-over-month for the fourth consecutive month after a brief slide in May and June, which followed an historic April.

Cumulative marjuana sales for the program rise to over half a billion dollars, reaching $529.5 million at the end of October.

Since March, when retail sales of marijuana in the state first topped the $30 million mark, the state has not seen fewer than $30 million dollars in sales.

Through October, Missouri rerecorded $314.42 million dollars in sales for 2022.

As of today, Missouri has more than 204,000 active patients with medical marijuana cards.

Original projections for the state anticipated marijuana sales to bring in more than $360 million dollars for 2022, adapted projections forecast more than $380 million in sales by year’s end.

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