BITS offer a unique brand platform hinging on 5 milligrams of THC, complemented by additional cannabinoids including CBD, CBG and CBN, and functional adaptogens in five delicious flavor varieties.BITS pectin-based gummies combine tailored cannabinoid ratios and adaptogens for versatility in enhancing an array of everyday use-cases: Acai Affection, Pomegranate R&R, Elderberry Wellness, Guava Go and Yuzu Zone.The everyday edible that encourages doing—without overdoing it, BITS aim to make the cannabis edible experience more accessible, less intimidating and enjoyable for all. BITS will be available at Zen Leaf dispensaries and third-party retail locations across Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey and Ohio beginning in early November and will launch in Arizona and Florida soon after.

CHICAGO, Nov. 3, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE – Verano Holdings Corp., a leading multistate cannabis company, announced the launch of BITS, a new line of low-dose, high-function edibles that allow cannabis consumers to do more with less. Each of BITS’ five initial flavors offer a blend of 5 milligrams of THC, complementary cannabinoids and adaptogens designed to enhance not overtake, and to make the cannabis edible experience less intimidating, more accessible and enjoyable.

Beginning Nov. 4, 2022, the new product line from Verano will be available across the company’s Zen Leaf dispensaries and third-party retail locations in six core markets: Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey and Ohio, with additional rollouts in Arizona and Florida expected in the near future.

Designed with function in mind, BITS aim to enhance everyday experiences by tapping into the many benefits of cannabis and adaptogens. BITS’ novel product profiles include:

Yuzu Zone: A thoughtful blend of ginseng, reishi, turmeric, THC and CBG, this savvy sativa edible embodies anti-procrastination, meant to help you tackle that lengthy to-do list. Elderberry Wellness: A soothing indica blend with equal parts THC and CBD, plus elderflower, elderberry and acerola, to add a hint of well-being to any cozy comfort. Pomegranate R&R: This dreamy indica edible is infused with THC and CBN, plus ashwaganda and lemon balm, to help you discover a more satisfying sleep. Acai Affection: This sensual hybrid edible made with THC, rose extract and rose hip delivers a hint of passion to enhance moments of intimacy.Guava Go: This sativa edible is made with THC, coffee fruit and guarana for a natural boost, activating you for whatever the day throws your way.

“Launching BITS adds another powerful and complementary piece to our growing portfolio that appeals to a broad base of cannabis consumers of all experience levels,” Verano founder and CEO George Archos said. “With the introduction of BITS across several core markets, we’re excited to drive further momentum while delivering more variety to cannabis consumers to address their diverse individual tastes and wellness needs.”

BITS joins the company’s growing brand portfolio that includes its namesake offering of Verano Reserve and Essence flower, Swift Lift mini prerolled joints, extracts and vaporizers; Encore Edibles, hand-crafted cannabis gummies, hard candies, mints, caramels and chocolates; Avexia topicals, tablets, tinctures and RSO, made to effortlessly enhance any self-care routine; and Savvy flower and vaporizers, larger-format cannabis products catering to more value-driven patients and consumers.

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