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BALTIMORE, MD, October 24, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE: GreenLab Packaging by FILAMATIC is thrilled to showcase the CartRunner system at MJBizCon – Vegas 2022 – BOOTH #7927. The CartRunner is an end-to-end filling and capping solution for cannabis cartridges and disposable pens. This one-of-a-kind, fully automated, and high-volume system offers the cannabis industry a truly complete packaging experience.

Key features of the CartRunner system:

Capable of filling and capping cartridges and disposable pensPerforms capping of both threaded and snap-on caps Servomotor-driven technology for accuracy and flexibilityComes with roughly 5,000-gram reservoir capacityNo tubing = No wasted product (non-existent product pathway)Quick and easy changeover process with preheat, net weight, and OEE capabilities 100% USA made and serviced machinery

The CartRunner can accommodate fill volumes from 0.25g to 1.0g and gives you complete control of your production temperature – a range of 50’ to 200’ degrees Fahrenheit. The system is a robust, workhorse solution that can dispense a wide variety of your oil recipes (terpene-rich oils to heavy distillates). Dorjee Tenpa, Business Development/GLAB, says, “Its full automation, small footprint, and less touchpoints makes it an ideal solution for companies looking to scale quickly without sacrificing quality or operational efficiencies.”

GreenLab Packaging is proud to represent over 70 years of FILAMATIC experience, innovation, and overall design within the cannabis industry. The CartRunner is one offering within an extensive product portfolio developed for the cannabis industry.

Josh Rosen, President/CEO/FILAMATIC notes, “The CartRunner will provide cannabis packagers a new level of quality and reliability, all at high volumes, across multiple SKUs. … Whatever your manufacturing or compliance requirements may be, the CartRunner has you covered.”

Live System Demo

If you can attend MJBizCon-Vegas2022, please visit BOOTH #7927 to see a live demo of the CartRunner system.If you are unable to attend MJBizCon-Vegas2022, we are still happy to schedule a virtual live demo for you/your team from the MJBizCon-Vegas showfloor.

For more information on scheduling a live demo of the CartRunner system, please email or call 866-258-1914 and reserve a timeslot for you/your team. You can also visit GreenLab Packaging to learn more about the full suite of liquid filling, capping, and labeling solutions for the cannabis industry.

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