Cannabis consumption establishments will soon join the social likes of the bar scene in Nevada.

State regulators from the Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) released the final figures Oct. 31 from a 10-day application window that closed four days earlier, revealing that they received 100 completed applications of consumption lounge licenses.

Based on the number of submissions for two different application types (retail and independent), and on parameters outlined in state law, CCB officials can now issue up to 40 licenses for consumption lounges—20 for retail and 20 for independent—meaning at least 60 applicants will be left out.

Per state law, CCB officials may issue 20 independent licenses, half of which are designated for social equity applicants. There were 30 social equity applicants and 50 nonsocial equity applicants for that license type, and board members will now review all of those submissions to ensure they’ve met the necessary requirements.

“The CCB anticipates conducting two drawings via a random number selector in early December to determine the issuance of independent cannabis consumption lounge licenses for nonsocial equity and social equity applicants,” board officials stated in the Oct. 31 release.

Meanwhile, there were 20 applications submitted for the retail license type, allowing for established dispensaries to have a lounge attached or adjacent to their current facility. State officials did not cap the number of consumption lounge licenses for retailers, so all 20 could potentially get awarded.

“There is no competitive selection process required for the issuance of retail cannabis consumption lounge licenses,” board officials stated in the release. “Upon receiving final inspection, licensure, and approval by the board, retail cannabis consumption lounges may open.”

CCB officials anticipate the first lounges to be licensed and able to open in early 2023.


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