Missouri NORML, whose six chapters across the state have each endorsed the passage of Amendment 3, the initiative on the November 8 ballot to legalize regulated and taxed adult use of marijuana in Missouri, is holding its Fall 2022 Conference on the Missouri NORML Facebook page this Saturday, October 29, from Noon to 5:00 p.m. A detailed Agenda of the speakers is attached hereto.

World famous travel writer and host of PBS/NPR travel programs, Rick Steves, will be the keynote speaker. Rick is currently the Chair of the national NORML Board of Directors. He strongly endorses Amendment 3 and will discuss how it compares to legalization in other states around the nation.

Other speakers include Daniel Jones, a/k/a “Waxy” Brown, former Rolla City Council member and host of a very popular cannabis radio program. John Payne, the Campaign Manager for Amendment 3, will also speak. Other speakers include Justice Gatson, a Legal Missouri ’22 staff member; Anthony Johnson, a Missouri attorney who led the successful campaign to legalize adult use of marijuana in Oregon in 2014; and the leaders of the half-dozen Missouri NORML Chapters around the state.

The event also features a panel of Missouri legislators including Rep. Peter Merideth, Rep. Tony Lovasco, and Sen. Barbara Washington.

Dan Viets, J.D., Missouri NORML Coordinator, has worked for legalization in Missouri for 50 years. Dan chaired the Board of Directors of the successful medical marijuana campaign in 2018. He is a former President of the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and serves as President of the national NORML Foundation, as well as being Secretary of the national NORML Board of Directors. He participated in the drafting of Amendment 3. He also chairs the Advisory Board of the Legal Missouri/Amendment 3 campaign.

This event is free and open to the general public. Speakers will respond to questions and comments from those who attend. Similar recent conferences have drawn as many as 10,000 attendees.

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