The Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition (PCC) announced Oct. 24 that the trade organization has released the results of a candidate survey aimed at gauging elected officials’ stance on cannabis policy ahead of the November election.

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The questionnaire, sent to the candidates in all 228 legislative races on the ballot, addressed the current issues faced by Pennsylvania’s roughly 816,000 registered medical cannabis patients, caregivers and businesses, according to a press release from the PCC. These issues include medical cannabis accessibility, as well as adult-use legalization.

“As the national conversation about fully legalizing cannabis amplifies, it’s crucial that Pennsylvania cannabis voters use their voice and vote with their feet on medical marijuana patient access and potential legalization,” PCC Executive Director Meredith Buettner said in a public statement.

The survey’s results reveal that 16 Democrat and 10 Republican Senate candidates support medical cannabis, with eight Democratic candidates signaling support for adult-use cannabis legalization.

The results also show that 95 Democrats and 59 Republicans in the vying for office in the House support medical cannabis.

“Several republican state legislators who weren’t supportive of the state’s cannabis program at inception are now supportive,” Buettner said, adding that Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis market has generated $6 billion in tax revenue. “We hope that the market realities combined with public sentiment will result in broad, bi-partisan support for an adult-use program, similar to New York’s recent adoption.”

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