Washington, D.C. residents 21 and older can self-certify as medical cannabis patients in the district and now, tourists can, too.

Mayor Muriel Bowser signed the Medical Marijuana Patient Access Extension Second Emergency Amendment Act of 2022 into law Oct. 17 to amend the district’s medical cannabis program to allow non-residents 21 and older to self-certify for temporary medical cannabis recommendations.

The move follows legislation that Bowser signed into law in July that allows D.C. residents 21 and older to self-certify their eligibility for the district’s medical cannabis program.

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Non-residents can now access an online medical cannabis recommendation application through the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) here.

Once approved, out-of-state patients can purchase medical cannabis from any of D.C.’s licensed dispensaries for 30 days.

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