midose., part of the Ananda Brands family of products, is proud to announce the introduction of its full line of dose controlled vape pen products this week. The 500mg, all-in-one midose. vape pen line consists of 3 formulas of botanical blends that guide you toward what to expect from each one—whether it’s calm, clarity, or zzzs. Each effect based formula contains THC and CBD, with the addition of minor cannabinoids and all-natural terpenes that vary per the needs of anxiety relief, focus & creativity and night time rest. The vape pens are dose controlled, allowing consistent 3 second pulls each time with the dosage hovering around 3mg THC per draw. This allows the patient to fully decide how many draws they need to feel just right in a controlled way. “Consistency is always the top priority for midose.” Chief Brand Officer, Kate Simpson said. “After years of research and development, we have created a product that provides patients with precise control over whatever they desire in their experience. We are so excited to continue to create new midose. products and can’t wait to share what’s coming from us next.”


The three midose. effects are as follows:

CHILL: A soothing botanical blend with THC, CBD, CBG and natural terpenes designed for the needs of personal relaxation

VERVE: An energizing THC, CBD and uplifting terpene blend geared towards creativity and focus.

HUSH: Crafted with cannabinoids THC, CBD, CBN and sleepy terpenes meant to work with the body to deliver sleep support

midose. was created to help take out the guessing games and allow patients to maximize their health and well-being in finding a dose that works for them. Finding the perfect balance is a personal process since each person reacts to cannabis differently and there is no “standard dose” when using the plant. Taking the “low & slow” approach to cannabis is quickly gaining traction in the growing cannabis space and the concept of “my dose” will only continue to grow as more patients gain interest in the concept of finding what dose works to balance their daily lives.

The complete vape pen line product launch corresponds with the announcement of a new partnership with Mana Supply Company out of St. Louis, MO. Mana will now be manufacturing and distributing midose. products to dispensaries throughout the state of Missouri. “This partnership provides a path for us to continue to develop innovative products while having a clear picture of production timing and quality of the products going out the door.” said Jason Durnett, CEO of Ananda Brands. “As competition in the MO market continues to heat up, it’s imperative for us to operate in a transparent fashion and feel the pulse of our brand every step of the way.”

Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products.


About Ananda Brands

Ananda Brands was launched in Manhattan Beach in 2018 with the mission to create the highest-quality hemp and cannabis brands. We believe that what nature provides is an asset to us all and are dedicated to using all-natural ingredients to craft products that uniquely meet the needs of our customers. With the combination of the finest plants and all-natural botanicals, Ananda Brands provides nothing but benefits. Learn more at www.anandabrands.com

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