British Columbia, Canada, is permitting cannabis producers to apply for a Producer Retail Store (PRS) license to sell adult-use products from stores located at their cultivation site.

Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth announced Oct. 5 that standard and micro cultivators and nursery license holders can apply for a PRS license starting Nov. 30 through the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch’s (LCRB) liquor and cannabis licensing portal. 

The province is launching farm-to-gate sales “to support the development of a robust, diverse and sustainable legal cannabis economy that is inclusive of Indigenous and rural communities,” according to the news release.

PRS licensees will also be permitted to register for the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch’s (LDB) direct-delivery program, which “allows federally licensed cannabis nurseries and small-scale producers processing as much as 3,000 kilograms (6,614 pounds) of dried, unpackaged cannabis or its fresh equivalent annually to deliver directly to licensed and authorized cannabis retail stores in B.C.”

The direct-delivery program allows small-scale cultivators to sell their products in local stores, which can help increase brand loyalty and relationships with licensed retailers and their customers.

“The fourth anniversary of the legalization of cannabis in B.C. is around the corner, and we continue to look for ways to support [the] growth of the legal market while providing safe and accessible options for British Columbians,” Farnworth said. “The PRS license is another way we are working to support the success of B.C.-based producers.”



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