Individuals who apply to the Department of Air Force (DAF) but test positive for THC in the initial test could now be granted a second chance at enlisting. 

DAF announced Sept. 28 that it is implementing a two-year pilot program “that allows a retest for applicants who test positive for THC during the accession physical examination at the Military Entrance Processing Station.”

The new pilot program will allow applicants who test positive for THC to retest after 90 days if they are granted a THC waiver. If applicants pass the second test, they will be allowed to enlist in the DAF. In the past, an applicant who tested positive for THC would have received a permanent bar from entry into the DAF, according to the release.

The THC waiver will be granted to applicants who meet the qualification standards, which include:

Scored 50 or above on the Armed Forces Qualification Test;Has a high school diploma; Is medically fit for service;And does not possess Category 1 or 2 moral violations.

This new policy is effective immediately and applies to the United States Air Force, U.S. Space Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard, according to the release.

Over the next two years, DAF will collect and analyze data “to determine the suitability of adopting this as a permanent change to DAF recruiting and accessions policy,” according to the release.