Next week, Greenlight will introduce its newest edibles product to dispensary shelves.

Toasties, THC infused crackers, by Greenlight are dropping October 10 in all Greenlight Missouri locations.

“Your favorite snack is now your favorite way to medicate with Toasties, a THC infused cheese cracker in the Greenlight Goodies line,” the company said.

At 2mg per cracker, Toasties allow patients to easily create a flavor blasted, custom dosage that may be suitable for any need. 

Toasties | Greenlight Goodies

Toasties get their start in the manufacturing lab being individually doused with a pastry sprayer full of a THC and olive oil blend. The Toasties are then dusted with a seasoning blend and packaged immediately to guarantee freshness.

“Greenlight is excited to introduce this to the Missouri medical market, especially for patients who might be looking for a savory edible option.”

Patients need to bring their state-issued form of ID and valid Missouri Medical Marijuana Card for admittance and to be able to purchase in the dispensary.

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