NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PRESS RELEASE–Columbia Care Inc., one of the largest and most experienced cultivators, manufacturers and providers of cannabis products in the U.S., announced it has launched its new cannabis-infused edibles brand, Hedy, in six markets. A variety of fast-acting chocolates and gummies are now available in Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Massachusetts, Missouri and Virginia.

“We are so excited to bring Hedy to life and share with our patients and customers across the country. Our team wanted to create a brand, as well as a bright, fun and inviting visual representation that truly reflects the uplifting edibles experience,” said BJ Carretta, SVP of Brands, Columbia Care. “Everything from the packaging to the flavors, and eventually the various forms underneath the brand, are all part of this authentic interaction with Hedy. We developed the brand in coordination with our cultivation and marketing teams, using insights generated from our unique technological platforms, such as Forage, that help us better understand what our community is looking for. We believe this is the right product to meet our patients and customers where they are in their cannabis journey, with an approachable form factor that is of the highest quality and designed to provide a consistent experience, no matter the market.”

In its first six markets, Hedy gummies will be available in three flavors: cherry lime, green apple and watermelon. Colorado has also launched chocolate drops. The 5mg or 10mg THC gummies come in packages of 10 or 20, depending on the market, and are powered by leading edibles ingredient company Azuca and its fast-acting TiME INFUSION formulations to provide quick-onset in 5-15 minutes.

In the coming months, the company will introduce more options, and will have Hedy available in more markets. Additionally, existing Columbia Care edible brands such as NectarBee, will be converting to the Hedy brand over time.

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