Illinois’ cannabis retailers are still ringing up in excess of 3 million items per month for adult-use customers, but the state’s traffic volume and overall sales figures haven’t fluctuated much since March.

Licensed dispensary operators recorded nearly $130.7 million in adult-use sales in September, representing a 7.4% increase from last September, according to data from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). But that figure almost mirrors the $131 million in sales from March, representing a seven-month plateau for the retail market.

Since March, adult-use sales peaked at $135.7 million in July but haven’t dipped below $126.8 million. Despite the flatline, the state’s monthly sales average in 2022 remains 10.8% higher than in 2021.

Overall, Illinois retailers have sold more than $1.1 billion in adult-use cannabis so far in 2022 and nearly $3.2 billion since commercial adult-use sales launched on Jan. 1, 2020.

But with nearly one-third of Illinois’ sales coming from out-of-state residents, monthly figures could soon decline if Missouri voters pass an adult-use legalization measure next month.


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