WASHINGTON STATE, Kent, Sept. 27, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE – Custom Cones USA will donate 10% of profits on its Pink Ribbon pre-rolled cones charity drive in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and is encouraging other cannabis businesses to match the Washington-based company’s pledge. A portion of the pre-rolled pink cones’ profits, which feature the iconic pink ribbon on a filter tip with refined white paper, will go toward breast cancer research, community education, and resources to help those suffering from this disease via a donation to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation. 

“For our Pink Ribbon Cones for a Cause donation, it was crucial to find a charity that is both transparent and actively working to end breast cancer, as well as improve the lives of those in our communities suffering from this disease,” Custom Cones USA CEO and co-founder Harrison Bard said. “This is why Custom Cones USA is so honored to partner with the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation this year, in an effort to further fund scientific research and other proactive measures like community education and screenings that the nonprofit prioritizes.” 

Interested cannabis companies can purchase pink cones to contribute to the cause. While only the Pink Ribbon cones’ profits will go toward charity, other stock options are available for businesses who want to offer pink pre-rolls or packaging in time for October sales.

“Here at Custom Cones USA, we are proud to offer a way for the cannabis industry to give back to the community through our Pink Ribbon Cones for a Cause initiative,” John Arriola, Custom Cones USA vice president of sales said. “As the industry’s Pre-Roll Experts, we are also working tirelessly to keep plenty of alternate pink packaging options for pre-rolls in stock for October promotions–this helps small business roll out their own charity-focused products.” 

Custom Cones USA is also able to fulfill custom orders of pre-rolled cones designed around a specific cause or for any event or promotion. Learn more about the company’s Pink Ribbon Pledge and stay informed on all pre-roll industry happenings over at the Custom Cones USA blog.