NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE – Ascend Wellness Holdings Inc. (AWH), a multistate, vertically integrated cannabis operator focused on bettering lives through cannabis, announced an array of programs and initiatives to support cannabis expungement efforts. The announcements include increased donations through the Ascend Foundation to address the impact of the war on drugs, donations to equity organizations around the country and coordinated expungement clinics to provide opportunity in the communities most harmed by the consequences of historical and current U.S. drug policy.

Special Expungement Events

AWH will host a week of events across the U.S. that offers expungement and other legal services to formerly incarcerated individuals. Not only will the clinics assist in expungement and record sealing, but they will also help attendees access other critical resources, such as housing, mental health support, legal services and more. AWH’s expungement events will kick off with a clinic this October in Montclair, N.J. Additional events will soon be announced for the fall via Instagram @ascendholdings. For more information and event details, visit

Ascend Foundation

In addition, AWH has increased donations through its previously announcedAscend Foundation, expanding the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility to organizations around the country that support expungement efforts, economic empowerment and community engagement locally. The foundation is committed to the holistic wellness of communities and supports organizations that keep communities healthy—mentally, physically and financially. The foundation strives to uplift grassroots organizations that are led by the communities that they represent, with proven track records of their ability to deliver on their promises and resources. The foundation has recently donated more than $65,000 to several such organizations in Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and more, funding a variety of efforts toward restorative justice. Those organizations are the following:

Westside Justice CenterMichigan Cannabis Freedom Coalition Mass CultivatedBlack Economic Council of Massachusetts Urban League of Ohio


AWH continues to contribute to nonprofit organizations that work to address the harms and injustices created by cannabis prohibition. Including contributions by Ascend customers, AWH recently surpassed $1.8 million in donations to the Last Prisoner Project (LPP), a nonprofit organization dedicated to clemency, reentry programs and advocacy for individuals with cannabis convictions. AWH’s contributions have helped the organization to expand its executive bench, hiring a diverse range of leaders that is representative of the community. Ascend is the largest contributor to LPP among the multistate operators; the company’s support of LPP has specifically funded several impactful initiatives, including:

The release of 21 constituents to date60 constituents matched with pro bono attorneys, 41 cases currently being litigatedFunding constituent commissary accounts for phone calls, stamps and emails$1 million in micro-grants, funding 10 semesters of tuition for constituents’ children, 48 months of childcare for children with an incarcerated caretaker and a full year of housing for 16 returning citizens

Continued Commitment

These initiatives follow a long history of the company’s commitment to criminal justice reform.

“Cannabis legalization is a unique issue in that if executed properly it can be used as a tool for economic growth in underserved communities,” said Danielle Drummond, vice president of social equity at AWH. “Expungement clinics, legal assistance and mental health services are practical initiatives that can make an incredible impact in the lives of the formerly incarcerated. The Ascend Foundation is proud to support such a range of organizations making a difference in their communities as cannabis becomes an increasingly equitable space.”

“It is critical that companies with the resources to uplift those harmed by cannabis prohibition take the opportunity to do so,” said Frank Perullo, president and co-founder of AWH. “AWH prioritizes its responsibility to the cannabis community by not only supporting the Last Prisoner Project but also expanding the mission’s reach to a local level through the Ascend Foundation. It is my hope that more and more MSOs will answer the call to foster and fund restorative justice in the industry we all love.”

For more information on AWH’s equity and inclusion initiatives, visit its website or view the company’s integrated Environmental, Social and Governance integrated Annual Report here.


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