TORONTO, Sept. 21, 2022 /CNW/ – PRESS RELEASE – The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd., a sustainable cannabis company, announces new fall 2022 SKU launches.

With record yields and increased growing capacity, the organization will now offer products in additional size options which will serve market preference and offer consumers increased flexibility.

Highly Dutch Organic Cherry Mints 28g – Launching in British ColumbiaTGOD Organic Dried Flower 14g – Launching in AlbertaHighly Dutch Organic Rotterdam Indica 7g & Amsterdam Sativa 7g – Launching in AlbertaOrganic Skunk Haze 5 X .5g pre-rolls – Launching in AlbertaOrganic Afghan Black hash 2g & Organic Marrakech Gold hash 2g – Launching in Alberta

Further to size expansion, there are four innovation SKUs which will launch in Ontario this fall, followed by other provinces in the months ahead.

TGOD Organic Gold Butter MAC 3.5g Whole Flower – Organic Gold Butter MAC – 3.5g Whole Flower – A certified organic Indica dominant hybrid, grown in living soil using natural sunlight and purified rainwater. This innovative TGOD original phenotype is grown from a Peanut Butter Breath x (Quebec Gold x Gorilla Glue) male, and a MAC-1 female. The result is a truly unique cultivar, bringing pungent frosty buds with smooth, roasted butter and nut flavor. This unique flower will be sold in TGOD’s award winning sustainable green glass jars. Available in November.TGOD Natural Leaf Wrap – Organic Gold Butter Mac 1g Ultra-Premium Pre-Roll – A natural, sustainably grown tendu leaf is rolled and filled with a TGOD original pheno, Organic Gold Butter MAC. This unique Tendu Leaf Wrap is made with whole flower and no sugar leaves, giving a consistent, high-quality burn that’s slow and refined. Each pre-roll will be sold in a recyclable glass tube. Available in November.Highly Dutch Organic Rotterdam n’ Rosin 0.5g – Organic Rosin-infused vape – A 20:80 rosin infused distillate indica vape, made from organic cannabis and native cannabis terpenes. Available in November.Cruuzy Strawberry Jerry 3.5g Whole Flower – A rare sativa known for its mysterious BC lineage with terps delivering a strong berry and earthy aroma. Available in October.

“With our record yields and flower quality from both the Ancaster and Valleyfield greenhouses, we’ve been afforded the opportunity to meet customer requests and expand some core SKUs into larger sizes. The combination of core SKU expansion plus innovation is an exciting time for the organization as we grow to support increased consumer demand. 2022 has been a year of ongoing distribution growth and these latest additions will further help drive sales revenues while delivering unique, consistent performers in the market,” said Sean Bovingdon, CEO of The Green Organic Dutchman.


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