New Zealand approved Helius Therapeutics as the country’s first medicinal cannabis company to make products derived from locally grown cannabis.

The decision comes from New Zealand’s Medicinal Cannabis Agency (MCA), which also approved Helius’ Full Spectrum CBD medicines to be locally extracted and manufactured.

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“Gaining approval of medicinal cannabis products that are truly New Zealand-grown and made is a significant milestone for our industry and another first for Helius,” said Carmen Doran, CEO of Helius Therapeutics. “Local patients and their advocates have fought long and hard for truly Kiwi products which are both high quality and cost-effective. This is great news for many patients who have long sought access to both New Zealand-grown and made medicinal cannabis products.”

Helius’ CBD products will be launched in New Zealand before being exported to Europe, South America, and more markets, according to a release. The products will be sourced from Puro, one of New Zealand’s largest organic medical cannabis cultivators, and produced at Helius’ manufacturing facility in East Auckland.

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Doran says MCA’s approval of Helius’ CBD products will improve patient access to medicinal products.

“We have seen significant delays and disruptions in the availability of imported products as COVID continues to impact supply chains,” Doran said. “It is disconcerting for patients and prescribers when products that are making a difference in people’s lives are not available. Fully New Zealand-grown and made products will help alleviate such issues.”