DENVER, Colorado, Sept. 20, 2022 — PRESS RELEASE — Greenlight Distribution, a seller of controlled environment agriculture products and a direct lender to U.S. commercial cannabis cultivators, announced its innovative services to help commercial cannabis cultivators weather the current market conditions.

“At Greenlight Distribution, we recognize the challenges that cultivators face this year, and we are proud to provide solutions to help them not just survive, but continue to grow and profit,” said Dennis O’Carroll, founder and CEO of Greenlight Distribution. “We have introduced a number of innovative services and programs that save cultivators money, help eliminate supply chain issues, and provide equipment financing and working capital.”

O’Carroll said favorable financing is still available in this market. “We have money to lend, and we work with cultivators to get them good terms. Cultivators should contact us now and lock in financing before rates rise further,” he said.

O’Carroll said cultivators are facing difficult market conditions in 2022.

“The price of wholesale cannabis is down. When combined with steep federal, state and municipal taxes, high licensing fees, and competition from the illicit market, cultivators are feeling the pressure on their bottom line. New operations and smaller cultivators–those with under 5,000 square foot grows–are being squeezed the hardest,” O’Carroll said. “Commercial cultivators also continue to deal with supply chain challenges and increased shipping costs.”

That is why Greenlight is working with cultivators across the U.S. to offer multiple solutions.

• Greenlight’s everyday low prices are typically lower than competitors’ prices because Greenlight does not operate warehouses or large retail stores. Greenlight serves cultivators by delivering products and equipment directly from more than 80 trusted name-brand suppliers. This allows Greenlight Distribution to keep overhead low and pass the savings to its cultivators. Greenlight also runs monthly promotions with special deals on a variety of equipment and products.

• The Greenlight Cultivator Club allows licensed commercial cultivators to create a free account and save an additional 10% off Greenlight’s already low publicly advertised prices. Cultivator Club members also get V.I.P. customer service, special financing offers, and exclusive money-saving promotions.

• Greenlight DIRECT is a monthly consumable subscription program that automatically ships nutrients and grow media to cannabis cultivators each month. Greenlight’s experts work with cultivators to customize a detailed consumables plan for the year. This ensures that cultivators get a dependable supply and get the right products at the right time all year long. And cultivators save up to 40% on the consumables with Greenlight’s pricing.

“Greenlight DIRECT is one of our most popular solutions,” said Paul Klink, Greenlight’s director of sales. “We found that many of our cultivators were scrambling to find their nutrients and grow media as international supply chains were interrupted. They really appreciate how Greenlight removes those headaches and reliably delivers exactly what they need, exactly when they need it, all while saving them money.”

• Suite 420 Solutions, Greenlight’s business financing partner, allows commercial cultivators to get equipment financing and working capital at favorable rates. Suite 420 Solutions, one of the original direct lenders in the cannabis industry, provides debt financing to drive growth and valuation while allowing entrepreneur-owners to retain maximum ownership and profit.

• Suite 420 ACCESS provides capital for minority-owned cannabis businesses, allowing entrepreneurs to retain ownership, maximize profits and positively impact their communities, while removing systemic barriers to the cannabis industry.

• Seinergy – Greenlight’s energy rebate partner – finds every qualifying rebate that cultivators deserve. Federal, state and local rebates are available on many products, including grow lights and dehumidifiers. Cultivators can save tens of thousands of dollars with pre-approved Greenlight purchases.

• Expert consultants are available to help. Cannabis cultivators across the U.S. trust Greenlight’s team for expert consulting as they build their businesses. Everyone on Greenlight’s sales staff has multiple years of cannabis cultivation experience. They also have access to one of the largest cannabis research and development sources in the industry and helpful tools to optimize grows.

“We are cannabis people for cannabis people,” Kink said. “We work exclusively with commercial cannabis cultivators, and we know the business from start to finish.”

Greenlight offers a 360-degree service package for cultivators. Greenlight recently announced a nationwide strategic partnership with Valiant-America to add design/build capabilities to Greenlight’s comprehensive services for cannabis cultivators. With the addition of Valiant-America, Greenlight Distribution can now package integrated financing, design, construction, CEA equipment sales, and energy rebate services to cultivators throughout the United States.

“We are committed to serving cultivators regardless of market conditions,” O’Carroll said. “Our low prices, financing options, dependable supply chain, and expert staff are here to help cannabis cultivators remain profitable through the challenging times.”