CHICAGO, Sept. 20, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE – Cresco Labs, a vertically integrated multistate operator and the No. 1 U.S. wholesaler of branded cannabis products, announced the expansion of its flagship brand, Cresco, to Florida. The multimarket leading vape and concentrate brand arrives with a robust lineup of Live Resin products available exclusively at all Sunnyside dispensaries.

“We’re expanding our retail locations and product diversity to better serve Florida patients. The introduction of our Cresco brand, the most sold vape and concentrate brand in the United States, is an exciting addition to our robust Sunnyside Florida product assortment,” said Greg Butler, chief commercial officer at Cresco Labs. “We’re confident our patients will enjoy the premium quality and consistent experiences delivered by Cresco’s many products.”

Cresco is now available in California, Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Florida. The premium brand offers one of the widest assortments of forms in the company’s brand portfolio, ranging from flower and prerolls to concentrates and vapes.

Cresco’s Liquid Live Resin (LLR) is unique and fundamentally different from other vape products because the company uses a patented post-extraction process that starts with a single cannabis strain harvested and extracted at peak freshness and results in the preservation of the strain’s original full-spectrum effects, flavor and terpenes. The cannabis oil is pure; nothing is added or taken away.

Cresco’s LLR is the No. 1 bestselling vape cart in Illinois and Pennsylvania. Its Live Resin concentrates are No. 1 in Pennsylvania and No. 2 in Illinois, as of the most recent data from the second quarter of 2022, according to BDSA.

Sunnyside Florida patients can purchase Cresco 500-milligram LLR vape carts and 1-gram Live Resin budder and sugar concentrates. The brand will soon expand to include 1-gram LLR vape carts, Live Resin sauce and all-new THCa crushed diamonds concentrates. Sunnyside patients have access to one of the widest selections of products from the company’s One Plant, Supply, Good News, Remedi and Sunnyside Chews brands.

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