The Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition (PCC) announced last week that the trade organization has released a candidate survey to gauge elected officials’ stance on cannabis policy ahead of the November election.

The questionnaire, sent to state and senate elected official incumbents and candidates, will focus on “current issues facing the cannabis industry and evaluate support for Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program and the legalization of cannabis for adult use,” according to the PCC’s press release.

The survey results will ultimately help inform trade organizations’ candidate endorsements before voters head to the polls Nov. 8.

“This is the first time that the PCC will be engaging directly with candidates in this manner, and we don’t take the practice lightly,” PCC Executive Director Meredith Buettner said in a public statement. “The cannabis industry has a vast network of supporters, which are becoming increasingly vocal. Our organization strives to engage with and continually educate that network—ensuring that when they get to the polls, they know which candidates will help enhance the state’s medical marijuana program and which will support potential adult-use legislation.”

The PCC will publish an endorsed candidate list on its website once the survey results have been compiled, according to the group’s announcement.