Cookies has partnered with New York-based Cirona Labs to reformulate its on-the-shelf cannabis products.

Cirona Labs, with its focus on emulsion chemistry and food science, will work with Cookies to develop new products and expand the company’s footprint in hemp-derived cannabinoids, according to a release.

“Cirona Labs has demonstrated best-in-class technology for infusing cannabinoids into all types of products,” said Parker Berling, president of Cookies. “We’ve been impressed by its scientific approach to innovation in our industry and we know our customers will be impressed by the taste and efficacy of its creations.”

Cookies plans to launch a range of infused products later this fall, including beverages, capsules, tinctures and topicals. The products will each contain a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes supported by Cirona’s research and development of emulsions and powders.

“Cookies built a loyal fanbase because of its high-quality flower product. This same fanbase is just as discerning when it comes to new methods of consumption that utilize the latest infusion technology,” said Hunter Friedland, founder and CEO of Cirona Labs. “This project has been an exciting challenge for our team, as we were tasked with developing custom emulsions for several different formats. This partnership validates the need for precise water-soluble ingredients backed by science.”


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