SANTA ANA, California, Sept. 13, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE – Unrivaled Brands, a multi-state vertically integrated cannabis company with operations in California and Oregon, named Patty Chan as interim chief financial officer effective Sept. 12, 2022.

The appointment of Chan is a powerful addition to the executive team that Sabas Carrillo promised when he was named interim chief executive officer on Aug. 12. “Patty brings the talent and leadership required for this moment at Unrivaled. Her extensive forensic accounting experience will be instrumental in effectively addressing certain litigation and claims alleged against Unrivaled,” Sabas said. “Once again, per the company’s engagement with Adnant, we are able to add to the puissance of a formidable team at no additional cost to the company.”

Chan has over 14 years of accounting, financial reporting, compliance, and operational experience across the cannabis, real estate, and financial services industries. Before entering the cannabis and CBD industries, she accrued nearly ten years of experience managing forensic accounting engagements for business litigation, supervising and conducting fraud investigations, and preparing forensic analysis of complex financial transactions.  

She is also a seasoned chief financial officer having previously served as CFO for Upexi Inc. f/k/a Grove Inc., a manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retail company in the CBD industry. Prior to that company’s initial public offering, she was part of the team overseeing their business model transition, equity fundraising, and go-public efforts.

Chan now serves as a manager at Adnant, LLC, an accounting and consulting firm advising cannabis companies on technical and operational accounting, strategic transactions, and the public offering process. At Adnant, she focuses on advising hypergrowth clients on their operations and audit preparation, as well as managing the accounting and reporting for cannabis investment funds. She has also implemented financial controls and infrastructure for cannabis clients in various stages of their business development. She and the Adnant team will bring strategic finance, accounting, and operational experience to Unrivaled.

“Patty has the experience to make tough decisions and the foresight to capitalize on opportunity. Her instincts and fearlessness will be part of Unrivaled’s transformation story,” Sabas said.