The New Mexico State Fair has teamed up with The Verdes Foundation, a New Mexico-based cannabis dispensary, to add a “Discovering Cannabis” educational exhibit to its events list this year.

The event is designed to educate adults 21 years and older on the state’s “newest agricultural industry” and “provide a safe space for the cannabis curious to ask questions, get information, and learn more about how the recent legalization of recreational cannabis will impact the state’s economy.” (New Mexico legalized adult-use cannabis in April 2021.)

Celeste Melchor, project manager at The Verdes Foundation, said the company is “honored to be an exhibit sponsor,” adding that Verdes has been dedicated to educating the community and its clients about cannabis for the last decade.

“We are so excited to have the opportunity to share our knowledge and our passion around cannabis with our New Mexico community at the state fair,” she said

The exhibit is set to take place in the Manuel Lujan Building on the fairgrounds at 10 a.m. on each day of the fair, which runs Sept. 8-18. Experts cover various topics such as cannabis cultivation, how the plant affects the body, and more.

The exhibit contains numerous cannabis vendors and distributors; however, products are not available for consumption on-site. In addition, the exhibit includes an educational gallery that is designed to help “people navigate the available products on the market, how to find targeted relief, speak with local cannabis brands, learn about the plant, and the advocacy behind New Mexico’s newest industry,” according to the release.

“This is what the fair does,” said Dan Mourning, general manager of the state fair. “Our mission is to support [the] New Mexico industry and educate our community. And let’s face it, a lot of people have a lot of questions about cannabis. We want folks to get solid, factual information provided by professionals and experts who have committed their careers to getting this industry off the ground in New Mexico.”

The state fair hosts numerous other events, including concerts, a petting farm, animal races, pony rides, and much more. Individuals can access the event lineup here.


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