Three people were shot early
Sunday morning in an attempted robbery at an indoor illicit cultivation
facility in San Leandro, Calif.

Officers responded after 4
a.m. to the reported robbery located at 2000 Adams Ave., the San Leandro Police
Department (SLPD) said in a news release Sept. 11. 

Officers discovered there was
a shootout between the facility workers and the burglary suspects, which left
the site manager and one suspect in critical condition, and a facility security
guard in stable condition.

Matthew Barajas, criminal
investigations division commander and lieutenant with the SLPD, confirmed
with Cannabis Business Times Sept. 12 that the cultivation
facility did not have a license to operate, as law enforcement was still
investigating the grow’s legal status at the time of the release.

Barajas says the facility
housed roughly 7,000 to 8,000 illicit cannabis plants in various growth stages
and that the SLPD believes the suspects may have been attempting to take “processed,
manicured cannabis, which was strewn all over the inside of the business

He adds that law enforcement
will investigate who oversees the facility and that there may be a link between
the grow owners and the East Coast.

According to the release,
officers located “a U-Haul van fleeing the scene at a high rate of speed. The
U-Haul failed to yield to officers, and a vehicle pursuit into the City of
Oakland commenced,” which led to a roughly 20-minute chase.

During the chase, the
suspects switched vehicles and jumped into a silver Jeep, but while switching
vehicles, police caught one suspect on foot. 

Officers continued to follow
the Jeep for “several more minutes” but it was eventually suspended. “Two more
suspects, who police described as “two younger-aged Hispanic males dressed in
dark clothing,” fled the scene on foot and have not yet been captured. Police
recovered the Jeep and U-Haul as evidence, according to the release.

Barajas said discovering an
illicit cannabis grow in San Leandro is not uncommon.

“[Illicit grows] are
everywhere,” he says. “So, this is not unique to see a grow shootout at an
unlicensed and unpermitted marijuana grow. It’s definitely a regional problem.
Only because of the position I worked in, in my time here, I’ve come across
hundreds in the city of San Leandro. But it’s in every city in the East Bay,
for sure.” 

He also noted an attempted
robbery that led to a shooting at Silverstreak (formerly Blüm) cannabis
dispensary in San Leandro in early January.

“As officers responded to the
call, a neighboring business employee also called to report a burglary in
progress. The witness said several suspects were running from the business with
masks on,” according to a news release.

As officers arrived at the
scene, they attempted to detain a suspect wearing a mask but were unsuccessful
when he fled the scene in a car with two other suspects. According to the
release, the suspect retrieved a handgun, and an SLPD officer fired. Two people
were shot and hospitalize with non-life-threatening injuries.

Silverstreak dispensary is
now permanently closed.


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