HEXO Corp. is partnering with Tyson 2.0 to become its exclusive producer in the Canadian market.

Under the partnership agreement between the two companies, HEXO will produce Tyson 2.0’s range of products in Canada, including flower, prerolls, vapes and edibles.

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“We’re delighted that HEXO has been chosen as the exclusive Canadian producer for Tyson 2.0 brands,” said Charlie Bowman, CEO of HEXO. “Our boutique cultivation capabilities and product offerings enable HEXO to elevate the consumer’s cannabis experience. With their broad product range from flower to straight edge prerolls to edibles, the Tyson 2.0 brand fits perfectly into HEXO’s market-leading portfolio.”

Tyson 2.0’s HEXO-produced lines will launch in Canada this fall, according to a company release.

“Our partnership with HEXO allows us to deliver Tyson 2.0’s vision of a premier cannabis experience to Canadians,” said Chad Bronstein, co-founder, president and chairman of Tyson 2.0. “Tyson 2.0 is dedicated to bringing innovative cannabis products to market and HEXO’s strong reputation as the leader in quality standards made them the obvious choice in Canada.”

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“We know that Canadians have been eager to try the Tyson 2.0 line and we’re excited to have signed this deal with HEXO, the ideal partner to produce the high-quality, premium and affordable cannabis flower, concentrates and consumables that we’re known for,” said Mike Tyson, co-founder and chief brand officer of Tyson 2.0.