Updated figures from the Arkansas Department of Health show that the state’s medical cannabis sales surpassed $23 million in August.

The state’s 38 licensed dispensaries sold $23.3 million worth of products last month, according to a local 5NEWS report.

“August was the largest month for pounds sold in 2022 as patients purchased more than 4,245 pounds of medical marijuana,” Scott Hardin, a spokesperson for the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, said, according to the news outlet. “Since Jan. 1, 2022, patients have spent $181 million to obtain 32,027 pounds. With $2.7 million in state tax revenue collected from medical marijuana in August, a total of $78.68 million has been collected since the industry launched in mid-2019.”

Natural Relief Dispensary in Sherwood sold the most cannabis last month, with patients purchasing 423 pounds total from that location, 5NEWS reported.

Currently, 89,983 patients are enrolled in Arkansas’ medical cannabis program, according to the news outlet.