HeadCount and RISE Dispensaries have partnered on HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project ahead of November’s midterm elections.

RISE Dispensaries, owned by Green Thumb Industries (GTI), is the premier sponsor of the Cannabis Voter Project, which informs and registers voters who support cannabis policy reform.

“HeadCount is excited to launch our partnership with RISE Dispensaries in time for the midterm elections,” said Sam D’Arcangelo, director of HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project. “The leaders we elect decide how cannabis is treated at the federal, state and local level, so it’s important for the cannabis community to be an active and informed voting bloc. Cannabis Voter Project is grateful to have RISE’s support and we look forward to helping their customers make their voices heard at the polls.”

This year’s theme is “Roll Up To The Polls,” as both HeadCount and RISE will encourage cannabis advocates to vote this November. More information on this collaboration between HeadCount and RISE can be found here.

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“There are massive inconsistencies in cannabis policy across America created by long-standing political figures,” said Ben Kovler, founder, chairman and CEO of GTI. “We are proud to partner with HeadCount and the Cannabis Voter Project to increase voter registration. The best way to create change is to drive more people to vote, which is exactly the mission of this partnership.”

HeadCount, a nonprofit, non-partisan voter engagement organization, launched its Cannabis Voter Project in 2018. The organization provides online voter registration, detailed interactive maps outlining where elected officials stand on cannabis policy, and more in an effort to register voters and drive turnout for voters interested in cannabis policy.


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