Guam officials are now accepting applications for Cannabis Identification Cards in a step toward issuing cannabis business licenses.

The Department of Revenue and Taxation (DRT) began taking the applications Aug. 29, according to The Guam Daily Post, and the form is available online at and in person at the DRT’s Compliance Branch.

The Compliance Branch will accept completed applications with a $1,000 application fee, the news outlet reported. Only cash or check payments will be accepted; debit or credit cards cannot be used to pay the application fee.

The DRT has outlined the following six steps for applicants to obtain a cannabis business license:

File organizational documents with DRT.Obtain a Cannabis Administrative Business License at DRT (may be done simultaneously with Step 3).Apply for Responsible Official Cannabis Identification Card (may be done along with Step 2).Apply for Cannabis Establishment License.Apply for Permit to Operate.Obtain Cannabis Business License and subsequently terminate Administrative Business License.

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Guam legalized adult-use cannabis in 2019 and adopted regulations for the industry in May 2022, allowing adults to legally grow, possess and consume cannabis. It remains illegal to sell cannabis until the commercial market officially launches.

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