NEW YORK, Aug. 31, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE – RMJ Supply, a solutions-focused distributor of horticultural equipment and supplies providing a single source solution for the CEA industry, announced that it has entered into a sales and distribution agreement with Cryo Cure, a U.S. patent holder for a 12-to-24-hour cannabis drying and curing process, to offer its leading solutions to controlled environment agriculture (CEA) customers throughout North America. RMJ will be the sole distributor for Cryo Cure servicing the burgeoning cannabis sector.

The agreement will allow Cryo Cure to leverage RMJ’s robust network of cultivators throughout the category to expand its reach and adoption of its solutions. The Cryo Cure machines have been in high demand globally, including with operators in California, Colorado, Arkansas, Ohio, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Delaware, Nevada, New Mexico, Illinois, Jamaica and South Africa—with additional international deals in the pipeline such as in the United Kingdom.

Cryo Cure’s technologies and methodologies allow cultivators to skip the hanging phase of drying, cutting the processing time from weeks to just one day. The resulting product is light, vibrant and aromatic, with trichomes and terpenes intact and flavor profile preserved as if at the height of freshness. With traditional curing, color, smell and texture are lost during the lengthy drying and curing process and the Cryo Cure solutions alleviate these issues.

“Our company President Greg [Baughman] and I are confident that the RMJ team is a great addition to our fast-growing enterprise, as they offer superior customer service and expertise,” Cryo Cure CEO Tracee McAfee said. “The RMJ team fully understands our patented technology, from integration through maintenance, and we are extremely confident that partnering with them will bring our solutions to a larger market. Their vision and values align with ours and we see them as a welcome extension of our company.”

“As with any of our suppliers, we seek to work with the best and believe Cryo Cure to be the perfect embodiment of that as it relates to the drying and curing segment of cultivation equipment,” RMJ Supply CEO Mike Kupferman said. “We foresee that their new line of machines for cultivators of all sizes will change the way cannabis is cured while providing industry-leading ROI. We look forward to a very long-term relationship with Cryo Cure and are honored to offer their revolutionary curing process equipment to new and existing RMJ customers.”

The new partnership expands RMJ’s industry leadership in the procurement of equipment for use in professional CEA cultivation facilities. Cyro Cure products range from high-capacity models, which come in three sizes and offer shorter cycle times supported by refrigeration capacity, to their newest lower-capacity machine, the CC260, which fits up to 20 pounds of cannabis and is the perfect size for craft and small-batch growers.

For more information or to contact an RMJ expert to discuss how Cryo Cure solutions can reduce processing time and increase output at cultivation facilities, please visit


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