Bethesda, MD, August 22, 2022 — PRESS RELEASE — CULTA, Maryland’s top producer of craft cannabis, today announced a partnership with Old Pal. Founded in 2018, Old Pal is a multi-state cannabis lifestyle brand that’s focused on offering quality products and trusted consistency. The company focuses on value and targets consumers that are specifically looking for high-quality, fairly priced cannabis products.

“Old Pal has a proven track record of making cannabis accessible and we’re excited to find new partners to serve every need of the Maryland medical patient community,” said Allison Siegel, CEO at CULTA. “We believe our fresh flower and their easy-to-dose design are a winning combination.”

Currently available in eight states, including Maryland, Old Pal focuses primarily on producing high-quality, beautiful cannabis at a price point that isn’t cost-prohibitive to the general public. Once the Old Pal founders began to feel pushed out of a market that was only getting more expensive, the concept of Old Pal’s always affordable flower was officially born.

“Our partnership with CULTA is the first time our cannabis will be available to medical cannabis patients in Maryland,” said Rusty Wilenkin, CEO at Old Pal. “Through this partnership, Maryland patients will have exclusive access to Old Pal’s flower and our Ready to Roll packs are a great introduction to our ethos.”

As part of the Old Pal x CULTA partnership, CULTA will release a 14g Ready to Roll bag. These convenient packs have everything a medical patient needs to roll their own cannabis. Each kit will include 14g of high-quality, pre-ground cannabis, hemp rolling papers, and a crutch. The packs are resealable so patients can keep their medication fresh and are available in indica, sativa, and hybrid. And, true to the Old Pal mission statement, the Ready to Roll bags are competitively priced.

“This is actually my favorite Old Pal product,” said Wilenkin. “So it only makes sense that this is the product we’d go to market with in Maryland. Our pre-ground flower is great for so many reasons. The flower is coarsely ground and easy to use, especially for patients with arthritis since there’s no need to use a grinder. We’re excited for new patients in Maryland to try our products.”

Beginning in August, medical patients can find Old Pal products at CULTA’s Baltimore dispensary, in addition to various partner dispensaries throughout Maryland.

In addition to Old Pal, CULTA has ongoing strategic partnerships with other popular companies in the cannabis space, including Cookies and Robhots, and is constantly seeking new opportunities for growth in its partnership vertical.


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