Cannabis home delivery will soon be coming to Hermosa Beach, Calif.

The Hermosa Beach City Council voted 4-1 Aug. 9 to lift the cannabis home delivery ban, which was implemented in 2017.

According to Easy Reader News, council members who voted in favor of home delivery argued that the ban “would decriminalize a service most residents favor, and undermine support for the cannabis initiative on the November 8 ballot.”

That initiative would allow up to two cannabis retail locations in Hermosa Beach, as well as give cannabis retailers selected by the city home delivery rights, the news outlet reported. However, the “council voted last month to oppose the cannabis initiative and will write the ballot opposition argument to the initiative,” the news outlet reported.

Hermosa Beach Mayor Mike Detoy voted against allowing cannabis deliveries in the city. However, he said he’s not against delivery services, but he is “opposed to the procedure and timing.” 

“He argued that the delivery ordinance was premature because it will be invalidated if voters approve the cannabis initiative. He also questioned whether cannabis delivery services currently operating in violation of the law would follow the permit procedure,” the news outlet reported.

Council Member Stacey Armato, who voted to lift the ban, argued that “If the ban is not lifted, they will claim a no vote on their initiative, [which] will make home delivery a crime.”

According to the news outlet, all delivery operators must have a permit and violators could be fined up to $30,000.


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