New Jersey regulators took steps last week to allow cannabis delivery in the state.

The Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) proposed amendments to the state’s existing regulations, including licensing processes for delivery, distribution and wholesale businesses, according to a WHYY report.

Under the proposed rules, cannabis retailers and delivery services would not be able to sell or deliver more than one ounce of usable cannabis, 5 grams of solid cannabis concentrate or 5 milliliters of cannabis oil, as well as vaporized formulations containing more than 5 milliliters of cannabis oil, multiple ingestible cannabis products containing more than 1,000 milligrams of THC, or more than one ounce of any combination of usable cannabis and cannabis products, the news outlet reported.

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The CRC’s proposal would allow cannabis deliveries in municipalities that have opted out of hosting dispensaries, according to WHYY.

The draft rules would also require cannabis retailers to provide educational materials to customers to help promote safe consumption, the news outlet reported.

The CRC will accept public comment on the proposal until Sept. 30.

“Everyone should take a look at [the proposed updates] and provide their thoughts,” CRC Chair Dianna Houenou told WHYY. “We use the feedback that we hear from the public to shape our rules.”

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