Iman Shumpert, a 10-year NBA veteran and 2016 champion with the Cleveland Cavaliers, was arrested and charged with a felony at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport July 30, after police reportedly found a “sizable amount” of cannabis in his bag.

According to TMZ Sports, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners stopped Shumpert after finding a plastic bag filled with a “green leafy substance” in his bag. Shumpert reportedly admitted to police that the bag contained cannabis, which weighed more than six ounces.

Al Harrington, a 16-year NBA veteran and CEO/co-founder of Viola Brands, a Michigan-based cannabis operator with footing in five states and Canada, commented on Shumpert’s arrest on Instagram.

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“Maaan…IF THEY DON’T DROP THIS DUMB ASS SHIT! Are they serious??? IN 2022 when it’s being legally sold throughout the country!!! Creating billions in tax revenue that the states are collecting! C’mon man. We can’t still be on this AMERICA (Texas). Leave [Iman Shumpert] alone man. He just danced his way into America’s heart! FATHER/HUSBAND! Good dude!” Harrington wrote in a caption of an Instagram post Aug 3.

The 32-year-old and 2021 winner of “Dancing With The Stars” was arrested and charged with a “State Jail Felony” and could face up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine, TMZ Sports reported.


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