ClemsonUniversity College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences (CAFLS) has partnered with Curio Wellness , a Maryland-based medical cannabis company, to advance research on cannabis
tissue culture science for the medical cannabis industry.

According to a press release, starting this August, CAFLS and Curio will conduct a
two-year study using industrial hemp that will “aim to protect plants from
viral pathogens while improving production efficiency.”

Curio Wellness Chief
Executive Officer, Michael Bronfein, said in the press release that the
partnership is an example of how Curio is “investing in the future of medical
cannabis for [its] patients and everyone in need of safe, effective and
reliable health solutions.”

Jeff Adelberg, a professor of
horticulture in Clemson’s Plant and Environmental
Sciences Department, Experiment Station, and a leader in the study, said the
project is “unique,” as “both organizations will conduct research using our
individual plant collections.

“Research conducted at
Clemson will be shared with Curio for use on their plants in Maryland,”
Adelberg said. “This collaboration creates an opportunity for researchers from
both institutions to use their knowledge to benefit people.”

Matt Taylor, applied science
director at Curio Wellness, said the partnership will allow Curio to increase
its knowledge base of cannabis tissue culture, which, in turn, will enable the
company “to continue cultivating high quality, plant-based medicine for
patients in Maryland and beyond.”


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