Goodnight offers patients an easy to use combination of CBN, CBD, and THC to achieve a restful night’s sleep

Proper Brands announces the launch of their much anticipated sleep-focused brand, Goodnight. Goodnight is the first sleep-specific medical cannabis brand to launch in Missouri.

Using a 1:1:1 combination of CBN (cannabinol), CBD, and THC, Goodnight not only brings on a sleepy, sedative effect, but delivers a more restful night’s sleep. CBN, like CBD and THC, is a cannabinoid that has mildly psychoactive effects, but more importantly, helps to bring on a deeper night’s sleep.

“One of the most common requests we get is for an effective sleep product that’s an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals,” says COO Matt LaBrier. “We wanted to satisfy that demand using our proprietary cannabis formulations. After many R&D iterations and cannabinoid profiles, we found a formula that we believe to be ideal for a great night’s sleep.”

Goodnight is available in an all-in-one fast acting 0.5g vaporizer pen and Dreamberry gummies. The Dreamberry gummies, made by chef Dave Owens, are made using all real fruit: rich blackberry and tart black currants to create a supernova of flavor. Each bag of Dreamberry gummies contains 40 gummies with 2.5 mg of CBN, 2.5 mg of CBD, and 2.5mg of THC.

“We recognize the impact of a great night’s sleep, or, for many people, the lack thereof. We wanted to create a line of products that enabled folks to get the kind of sleep they’ve been dreaming about. Whether someone is looking to fall asleep quicker or stay asleep longer, we think we’ve created an all natural product that we think can really help,” LaBrier says.

Photos of Goodnight available at this Google Drive link.
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About Proper Brands

Proper Brands is a fully vertical medical marijuana company in the state of Missouri with a vision to lead and inspire their community through the power of cannabis. Headquartered in St. Louis County, Proper Cannabis has established an ethos of improving the lives of others through the use of cannabis—t­o be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled people.

Proper Brands is composed of Proper Cannabis, RATIO, Honeybee Edibles, and Goodnight.

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