ANN ARBOR, Mich., June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ –PRESS RELEASE– C3 Industries, a multi-state,
vertically integrated cannabis company with headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI,
today announced an exclusive partnership with Red White & Bloom, a multistate cannabis operator
and house of premium brands, to license their Platinum Vape brand in Missouri and Massachusetts.

Red White & Bloom boasts a wide portfolio of brands, including Platinum
Vape, one of the leading vape cartridge brands in the United States. Platinum Vape utilizes a
custom, pure terpene separation process, harvesting premium flower with a focus
on quality and potency. Among Platinum Vape’s core offerings include products
like vape cartridges, disposable vape pens, infused chocolates and gummies,
premium flower and pre-rolls.

C3 Industries will exclusively license the full line of Platinum Vape
products in Missouri and Massachusetts, with items available for sale in High Profile Cannabis shops and third-party retailers
across the states. The initial offering will include the following flavors of
cartridges: Grease Monkey; Sour Dub; Lime OG; Fire OG; Grape Ape; Paris OG;
Maui Wowie; Super Lemon Haze; and Cush.

“C3 Industries is intentional when it comes to selecting our brand
partners, and our commitment to Platinum Vape is no exception,” said Ankur
Rungta, CEO and co-founder of C3 Industries. “Platinum Vape has proven
itself as a powerhouse brand, out-performing all other cartridges in the state
of Michigan and gaining popularity around the country. Our team is thrilled to
introduce such a staple offering in multiple new markets this year. We are
aiming to achieve a top 5 market share in each market, with additional flavors
introduced over time as we ramp up our presence.”

“Red White & Bloom is expanding operations around the United States
and scaling our brands to new markets,” said Brad Rogers, CEO and chairman
at Red White & Bloom. “We are proud to partner with C3 Industries to
bring one of our superior brands, Platinum Vape, to Missouri and Massachusetts
where customers can enjoy our unique terpene blends and wide selection of
products. With the support of C3, Platinum Vape is poised for success.”