A Michigan cannabis
dispensary has added a twist to its operations: a drive-thru.

Located at 920 American Rd.
in Lansing, Mich., Bazonzoes Provisioning Center can now serve consumers cannabis products from
their vehicles. This is Bazonzoes Provisioning Center’s second retail location
in Lansing and third overall. However, according to the Lansing State Journalconsumers cannot place an order at the drive-thru.
Instead, they must place an order online ahead of time.

Anthony Virga, Bazonzoes
Provisioning Center founder and president, told the Lansing State
Journal that
customers will be required to show a valid ID at the
drive-thru window before receiving their order. He also adds that the
drive-thru will help strengthen worker’s safety.

He told the news outlet that
opening a dispensary with a drive-thru has been his goal.

“Everywhere around us has
drive-thrus, so it’s just like a perfect fit to come on through,” he told
the Lansing State Journal. “We’ve been so good at our
curbside at our other two locations. It’s kind of the same process, we just don’t
have to go outside.”