NEW YORK, May 20, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE – LeafLink, the world’s largest online wholesale cannabis platform, announced its innovative logistics and payments tools will become available to Colorado’s cannabis industry in June. Beginning next month, cannabis brands, retailers and distributors across the Centennial State will have access to LeafLink’s innovative transportation and payment tools, as well as brand and retail fulfillment offerings. Colorado was the first state where LeafLink launched its marketplace, now the world’s largest cannabis wholesale marketplace processing more than $5 billion in orders annually, when the company was founded in 2016.

“LeafLink is excited to bring our innovative logistics and payment tools to Colorado’s cannabis industry. Our mission is to provide all cannabis companies–from local businesses to industry leading MSOs–with the tools to manage their businesses effectively and accelerate growth. Through our technology-enabled solutions, LeafLink will help brands and retailers across Colorado efficiently create orders, fulfill them, handle transport, and seamlessly process payments so they can focus on doing what they do best and grow their businesses,“ said Ryan G. Smith, co-founder and CEO of LeafLink.

LeafLink’s full service platform, including its marketplace and transportation and payment solutions, currently serves enterprises across the country in California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Michigan and Missouri. The company’s offerings are built specifically for each market and include solutions that enable brands to increase reliability, efficiency and transparency in shipping; retailer-focused solutions for warehousing, fulfillment and restocking of inventory; and technology to help streamline inventory operations and increase margins.

LeafLink is also committed to bringing critical liquidity to the cannabis market. The company previously raised a $250 million credit facility for this purpose, and its payment tools allow buyers and sellers to make and receive payments on their schedule. Tens of thousands of companies utilize LeafLink’s platform, with nearly 1,000 utilizing LeafLink’s logistics and payments offerings, including industry-leading brands and multi-state operators (MSOs) such as Ascend Wellness, Columbia Care, RevClinics, March and Ash, Cannacraft, BellRock Brands, and Summit Brands.

“The Summit team is extremely excited for the launch of LeafLink Logistics in Colorado. LeafLink has a proven track record of providing innovative solutions to the unique challenges that face our burgeoning industry. From B2B transactions, tracking inventory and accounts receivable, to streamlining payment processes, LeafLink has been the industry leader and a trusted partner in simplifying our business. As anyone operating in a highly competitive market knows, the process of order fulfillment, generating manifests, and maintaining expeditious, professional delivery of products to our customers is paramount to growing your business. LeafLink’s simplification of this process through integration with their platform will save us time, money, and ensure our brands are being properly represented from the time they leave our warehouse to the time they arrive to our customers,” said Cooper Gillespie, director of sales and marketing for Summit Brands.

“Since beginning our relationship with LeafLink Logistics in Michigan, we have massively streamlined our processes. LeafLink has given us the opportunity to service our customers in a timely manner whilst ensuring accuracy and compliance,” said Andrea Hatt, materials manager for Ascend Wellness.