BrightMa Farms, a South Carolina-based minority-owned vertically integrated hemp company, is working to maximize hemp’s carbon-sequestering properties in its most recent partnership. 

The company announced that it has partnered with SonoAsh Engineered Materials of Maryland, a processing engineering company, to make low-carbon green cement products using industrial hemp.

“This agreement represents the type of new thinking required to create generation reductions in upfront carbon emissions and further establishes SonoAsh as a strategically placed process innovation company,” said Bruce Sifton, SonoAsh president. “No other upcycling, waste to value process demonstrates both a positive impact on the legacy environmental issues associated with waste coal ash and the new requirements for green building materials.”

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And Harold Singletary, BrightMa Farms CEO, also expressed the company’s excitement for the collaboration. 

“BrightMa Farms is excited to enter into this collaboration program with SonoAsh as part of BrightMa’s growing hemp cluster in South Carolina,” he said. “Industrial hemp refinement from genetics to processing promises carbon negative plastics and raw materials for various vertical industry partners. A SonoAsh collaboration adds enhanced performance building products that support our work to reduce the planet’s carbon emissions while building opportunities for rural and farming communities.”