On Saturday, May 21, Missouri NORML will host its 2022 Spring Conference. Since the onset of the COVID pandemic in 2020, Missouri NORML has successfully transitioned to virtual events, bringing in some of the most respected voices in cannabis and Missouri politics to speak in front of and educate thousands.

This year’s conference brings more of the same on Saturday. With a field of speakers that offer something for everyone – from cannabis activists, enthusiasts, patients, or the generally curious to industry participants and existing or future operators. With legalization efforts in Missouri taking center stage this year, the legislative panel and Legal Missouri 2022 Campaign Manager, John Payne will discuss what’s next for Missouri.

Scheduled speakers for the event include NORML’s National Founder, Keith Stroup; Jax James, National NORML State Policy Manager; Mike Fourcher, founder and editor of, Grown In; John Payne, Legal Missouri 2022 Campaign Manager; Ray Hartmann, founder and columnist for Riverfront Times, “Donnybrook” co-host, and KTRS Radio talk show host; while Representatives Anthony Lovasco, Ron Hicks, David Tyson Smith, Ashley Aune, and Nick Schroer join the Legislative Panel.

With more than 400,000 signatures collected in support of the initiative petition to legalize adult-use marijuana in Missouri, and a growing hemp industry, cannabis has become a mainstream talking point in the Show-Me State. But despite public sentiment, many laws remain unchanged – Missouri NORML and its chapters continue to push for progress both in Missouri and on a national level. Participation and education are key to ensuring long-term success in the push for criminal justice reform and the end of cannabis prohibition, with events like the Spring Conference offering opportunities to listen and learn. The event is free and can be live streamed here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1815725758621852/. For more information about Missouri NORML follow them on social media @MissouriNORML.

View the full agenda below.


12:00 p.m. Dan Viets, Missouri NORML Coordinator, National NORML Board Secretary, Legal Missouri 2022 Advisory Board Chair

“Welcoming Remarks”


12:15 p.m. Missouri NORML Chapter Reports:

NORML KC, Jamie Kacz

Mid-MO NORML, Steve Faber/Lance Lenau

MU NORML, Anna Poppe/Neeka Campbell

St. Joseph/NWMO NORML, Shelby Miller

Greater St. Louis NORML, Abrahama Keys

SEMO U. NORML, Alicia Merry


12:45 p.m. Jax James, National NORML State Policy Manager

“National Legislative Activity”


1:30 p.m. Mike Fourcher, Founder/Editor, Grown In

“National Trends in Marijuana Law and Commerce”


2:00 p.m. John Payne, Legal Missouri 2022 Campaign Manager

“Campaign to Legalize Marijuana in Missouri This Year!”


2:45 p.m. Ray Hartmann, Founder of and Columnist for the Riverfront Times, Co-host of “Donnybrook” on St. Louis PBS TV for 30 Years, and KTRS Radio Talk Show Host


3:15 p.m. Legislative Panel:

Rep. Anthony Lovasco, Rep. Ron Hicks, Rep. David Tyson Smith, Rep. Ashley Aune, and Rep. Nick Schroer

Also Invited: Rep. Peter Merideth, Rep. Shamed Dogan, Sen. Barbara Washington, Sen. Caleb Rowden

“Review of the 2022 Session of the Missouri General Assembly and Prospects for Future Legislative Reform”


4:15 p.m. Keynote Address: Keith Stroup, NORML Founder and National Legal Counsel

“The History and Future of Marijuana Law Reform”

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