Cannabis consumption lounges in Nevada could be opening as early as this fall, and officials have drafted regulations to address public safety concerns.

The proposed regulations, set to be approved in June, work to solidify anti-DUI policies and focus heavily on employee training.

As part of those proposals, alcohol would not be allowed at the consumptions lounges, Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) Executive Director Tyler Klimas told Fox 5 Vegas. The policy recommendation comes after CCB officials learned in working with law enforcement that polysubstance use is an ongoing issue in Nevada, Klimas said.

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In other efforts to curb DUI risks, businesses should have signage throughout the facility that contains messages like, “It is against the law to drive while impaired by cannabis.” Companies are also encouraged to implement additional policies to prevent impaired driving, such as having a no-tow policy so consumers can leave their cars at the lounge overnight, or partnering with local rideshare services, Klimas told the news outlet.

Klimas added that many consumer protections would also come from employee training.

“[Employees] need to be trained on how to identify overconsumption. How to identify somebody that maybe is coming in already intoxicated,” Klimas said, adding that workers will not be permitted to serve individuals who walk into the consumption lounges and appear to be already intoxicated. 

Klimas said customer service and education would also be essential. 

“We expect as people come to visit Las Vegas, there’s going to be some people who have never consumed cannabis before. So how do we make sure that they’re talking to somebody at the lounge, or educating them about cannabis, making sure they’re not leading them down a path of overconsumption?” Klimas questioned.

According to the news outlet, the CCB is expected to approve the regulations by June and anticipates consumption lounges will come online by the fall.